The Catalan duo Agusil was born when two graduates from the Barcelona School of Fine Arts met.  Cousins and close relations through their centres of interest – a shared enthusiasm and inspiration for exotic travel and a common taste for music – Marc and Maria were trained separately in artistic techniques before uniting to work as a pair.

  Defining their pictorial practices as “polyhedral,” the duo resorts to many techniques to create their works.  First, painted with oils and acrylics, the canvas then undergoes a joint work on this mixed pictorial material with a spatula or a paintbrush: this process allowing Agusil to play with the finishes, the light and textures.  Carried out in powerfully colorful tones, the portraits are painted with vivacity with short and precise gestures.  Very special attention is paid to specific elements of the face, in particular, the eyes and lips.

  Sensitive to the work of their contemporaries such as the Chinese artist Yang Shaobin (b. 1963), the Spanish painter Santiago Ydanez (b. 1969), or the French portrait painter Francoise Nielly, the two artists situate themselves in the continuity of the artistic movement of Action Painting – which favours the physical act of painting, the work thus becoming a testimony of the body in action. Consequently, they deliberately choose to leave colour and gesture to assert themselves on the canvas, at the mercy of their unconscious or the physical laws resulting from their movements.  Picking up on expressivity, their creations seek to reveal the character and personality of the represented subjects.