Brad Robertson has painted all his life.  Born and raised in the coastal town of Mobile, Alabama, his earliest inspiration was the landscape – the indigenous pines and oak trees, and the waters of the Mobile Bay.  The coastal landscape is still a major source of inspiration for Robertson.

   At Auburn University, Robertson spent time studying architecture and industrial design.  During his time in college, an art professor shaped the foundation for what would eventually become Robertson’s career as a professional painter, encouraging his unique ability to work with color and texture to create depth, complexity and expressiveness.

    Robertson moved back to Alabama in 2002, lured back to the more relaxed coastal way of life.  Since then, Robertson has become an award-winning artist with collectors throughout the United States.  Still based in Mobile, he is active in the local art community and says he cannot imagine doing anything else for a living.  He considers good music an integral part of the artistic process and tries his hand at fishing in his spare time, though he admits he should probably stick to painting.

  “My art is the one thing that allows me to express myself.  But there is still an element of mystery to it.  I have finished some pieces within weeks and others have required years of work.  I have to sense a painting is ready, to look at it and just know.  It is beyond reason, but for me, art is rooted in subjectivity.  My art begins as an expression of my own life and my own experience, but it is not until people look at my painting and are able to define them in their own terms that I feel like my work has accomplished its purpose.”