Carlos “Totong” Francisco is the grandson of Angono, Rizal, Philippines’ renowned muralist Botong Francisco.  During his childhood years where Regionalism was inherent, if not diversified in his small town, painters were doing local subjects in the manner of the aforementioned National Artist.  These were simple, realist, and comprehensible premises with the essence of nostalgia in a fast-paced and channeling urbanization.  “Everything is departed now if we happen to take a stroll in this town near lakeshore which somehow produced exceptional individuals with the likes of Prof. Lucio San Pedro, National Artist of Music.”

   This is the basis where Totong led himself to search for his own personal style. Throughout his career, he became a part of numerous local artists’ groups, participated in numerous exhibitions around the country, and also conducted art workshops for children.  His subjects include representational aspects from positive images along with the other side of the territorial landscape of the subconscious. His themes evoke different ways of interpreting festive substances somehow dwelling on the visceral, symbolical, transitional, and the metaphysical.