As a child, Dominique Mylene Gaultier drew instinctively.  As a teenager, her notebooks were filled with her artwork.  Convinced that art was her calling, she attended the School of Fine Arts as preparation for the entrance exams into the Decorative Arts School of Geneva.  She trained there as an interior designer before turning to commercial art and cartoons.  At the time, Dominique created meticulous figurative works with a brush a brush and acrylics, directly inspired by architectural drawings.  But this rigor did not suit her, and her work evolved towards the abstract.

   For many years she taught painting classes in Avoriaz where she participated in the creation of art workshops at the resort.  She later organized many workshops in Haute Savoie before creating in Thonon-les-Bains.

   She moved to the South of France in 2008, after falling in love with the region and the landscapes of Cezanne and Van Gogh.  Color became the signature of her work and Provence her main source of inspiration.

   Dominique works oil paints with knives, finding in this technique a long sought after spontaneity.  Working the medium allows her to express her perception of the color and light of the South.

  She spends much of her time outdoors where she soaks up shapes, colors, and the play of light.  On returning to her studio, she records these impressions with a stroke that is as clean as it is instinctive.

   Dominique creates different works, ranging from stylized landscapes to complete abstraction.  She moves from imaginary forms to the purified landscapes of a Provence of intense colors, shining with light.

   Freed from the superfluous and the rigor of figuration, Dominique finds her artistic fulfillment in joyful and serene painting.  In Dominique’s work, technique is as important as emotions.