Artist Statement:

Body Language

   “The body speaks a language of truth and reveals what words cannot say.  My new figurative work is a passionate journey through feelings, identities and relationships, focusing on the language of gesture.  I traveled through various stages of abstraction, exploring some new materials seeking a deeper level of expression in this body of work.  Some of my figures started with sketches of live models which were then re-created on canvas or paper.  Many of the figures are whimsical and intuitive based more on emotion than reality.  The Body Language exhibit includes large mixed media canvases filled with color, texture and lines; drawings on paper in charcoal, ink, and acrylic; cold wax paintings and fabric paintings.  I encourage my viewers to interpret these works through their own individual experiences.”

                                                                     -Holly Irwin, dk Gallery Figurative Artist


   “Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of becoming an artist.  My mother was a fashion illustrator and a portrait artist, and I just loved to watch her work.  There was always an easel or a drafting board set up in our dining room, when I was growing up! So it just seemed natural when i began formal studies in fine arts when I was twelve years old at Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh.  Later, I was awarded an art scholarship to Carnegie-Mellon University.

   Several years ago, my husband and i bought a cottage in the seaside village of Fairhope, Alabama, where I set up a studio.  Living near the water in a small town setting has had its influence on my paintings.  Dreamy, watery blues and warm golden ocres seem to dominate my palette, and the “simple life” has been a recurring theme in my work.

  Earlier this year, we moved back to the Atlanta area, which had been our home for many years.  My home and studio are now tucked away in the countryside community of Milton, Georgia, which is north of Atlanta.  The landscape is dotted with barns, fences, and horses providing a visual feast and inspiration for my work.”