Jim Laugelli was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and currently resides in Fairhope, Alabama.  For much of his life, Jim has engaged in various music and art endeavors.  Most of these efforts were on a recreational and hobby level.

   Jim’s life journey has included many different jobs while living in Pittsburgh, Boston, Chicago, and now Fairhope, Alabama.  Through all the different jobs and moves, Jim’s artistic efforts have had their fair share of fits and starts.  Shortly after he moved to Fairhope, Jim tapped into a reinvigorated creative energy that saw him refocusing his artistic efforts

   Jim is a completely self-taught artist.  Collage is his preferred technique.  He enjoys mixing acrylic, watercolor, and ink.  Then, combining his own hand painted papers along with various art and found papers, he cuts, glues, and layers the pieces on to a substrate that has also been worked with various mediums.  Jim believes mixed media gives him the freedom to experiment without preconceptions.  Vibrantly colored houses and trees often dominate his urban and rural landscapes.

  Jim is an ongoing exhibiting member of the Eastern Shore Art Center in Fairhope, where he also had a one person show in July 2014.  in 2013, Jim received an Award of Merit at the Eastern Shore Art Center Members’ Juried Show.


  I am a self taught visual artist utilizing collage and mixed media.  My work follows an intuitive and improvisational path.  I love layering papers, adding colors, and getting lost in the action.  Becoming absorbed in the process and allowing the piece to come forth brings me much pleasure.  Working this way permits a freedom similar to an improvising musician.  There are no mistakes, rather a new avenue to follow and resolve.

   Many of my pieces include images of houses and trees in both urban and rural settings.  I have lived in many different parts of the United States.  These images represent to me imagined places, reflections in a way, of places I have been.  I also believe these images are my way of exploring the meaning of place and how we identify ourselves within any given location.