“The figure has been the subject for sculptors since the beginning of human history…to interpret the figure in an artistically original way at this point in time is almost impossible, Mary-Ann has accomplished this.  Her work is powerful from a distance but the details make it quite exceptional up close.”

-John Henry, American Sculptor

   Mary-Ann Prack was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  Her background includes three generations of family artist tradition encompassing sculpture, painting, and architecture.  A richly creative environment was the essential basis from which she developed an appreciation, respect, and love of art and her favorite period in art history – the abstract expressionist movement.  From this foundation, she has developed artwork that transforms her personal vocabulary of form, color, line and texture into what are spirited, serious and elegant abstractions of the human form.  Her work stems from an intuitive source, rather than a response to social trends and movements, moral causes or political statements.

   Prack began her formal fine art education at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, continued at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and Florida Atlantic University where she studied both fine art and interior design.  After working for a number of years as an Interior Designer, Mary-Ann was eventually able to transition into creating art on a full-time basis.  For the past thirty years, she has worked with clay as a pure sculpture in medium.  There is nothing traditional about her approach to or use of clay in terms of subject, design, scale or glazing techniques.  She hand-builds using a slab method with specially formulated clay constructions.  Mary-Ann continues to create sculpture and more recently paintings with enthusiasm, focused energy and commitment to high quality that has been evident from the beginning.  Prack has fully matured her artistic style into that which is instantly recognizable as her own.  Mary-Ann now lives in Jefferson, North Carolina where she runs her studio practice full time.